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“Joining PDS was the single best decision I made last year as it opened my eyes to the possibility that I could dramatically improve the quality of my relationships and that my past did not have to define my future. The PDS community is a truly supportive environment, my only regret is that I did not find all this out sooner as it has been truly life changing for me!”

Leona D.

Belfast, UK

“I’ve researched relationships most of my life. However, I couldn’t find anything that explained my dynamic in them. I thought about therapy until I stumbled upon Thais’s YouTube channel. She explained EXACTLY what I was experiencing. She literally read my mind! I’m usually a bit of a skeptic but I was hooked! I finally figured out my problem and how to solve it!”

Melissa K.

Colorado, USA

“PDS replaced therapy for me. I was a Fearful Avoidant, and I could not explain why I struggled in relationships. The constant need for connection and the fear of having one was very draining. I am so grateful to PDS that finally I realize that my worth is not related to anything I achieve but to the person that I am. Also learning about other attachment styles helped me to become more compassionate to people around me.”

Athira D.

San Francisco, USA

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