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From #1 Best-Seller Thais Gibson
Learning Love Book Cover

“Gibson introduces a revolutionary approach to understanding and healing attachment styles, paving the way for more fulfilling and harmonious relationships.”

Bloomberg News

“Learning Love provides a structured path for [individuals] to reshape their attachment styles, ultimately leading to healthier, more fulfilling relationships...”

Psychology Today

The Complete Guide to Building The Best Relationships of Your Life

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt as though you weren’t on the same page? Perhaps you say one thing, and your partner interprets it differently. Or maybe, after an argument, you yearn for closeness while they withdraw.

These misunderstandings stem from differing attachment styles. Rooted in our early childhood experiences, attachment theory categorizes us into one of four patterns:

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Anxious Preoccupied:

individuals who fear abandonment and often people-please to avoid it.

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Dismissive Avoidant:

highly independent individuals who can withdraw in emotional situations.

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Fearful Avoidant:

those who are “hot and cold” in relationships due to their fear of betrayal.

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Secure Attachment:

those who are effective at communicating their needs and thrive in their relationships.

Your attachment style impacts every relationship in your life friendships, family dynamics, and romantic relationships.

It has traditionally been assumed that attachment styles are unchanging and static. This is no longer the case. In Learning Love, you will learn how to become securely attached so you can finally build fulfilling relationships and heal broken connections.

There is a better way to love—and be loved.

Note From The Author

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We know that relationships are foundational to our happiness and success in life. But what many people don't realize is that there is a science to relationships. More importantly, this science can be leveraged to build more fulfilling and harmonious connections with others.

As a result, I've completed a certifications in over 13 different modalities to thoroughly understand exactly how to do this.

It's all distilled into learning love so that you can be empowered to build the best relationships of your life.

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A Look At What Is Inside Of

Learning Love


Attachment theory

Attachment theory explains how childhood experiences impact adulthood behaviors. In this chapter, you’ll learn the history and basics of how this theory came to be and what it means for the quality of your life. 


The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is responsible for up to 95% of your thoughts, behaviors and actions. In this section, you’ll learn about the significant role it plays in your relationships and how it underpins to attachment theory. 


Integrated attachment theory

Integrated attachment theory expands upon the basic tenets of attachment theory by giving you clear exercises that recondition you to become secure.

You’ll get a customized profile that outlines your subconscious core wounds, needs, emotional patterns, relationship expectations, coping mechanisms, boundaries and communication patterns. 


Wounds, Needs & Emotions

Next, you’ll learn how to heal your core wounds, meet your own needs and improve your emotional well-being. Use the step-by-step exercises outlined to uncover a clear path to healthier, happier relationships.


Expectations & Boundaries

Then, discover the unrealistic relationship expectations, boundaries, and coping mechanisms you may have. Find out how to uproot unhealthy patterns, and replace them with healthy habits.


How to Communicate

Last, you'll get access to exclusive scripts that will help you communicate through conflict, tying everything together.

Learning Love gives you a comprehensive blueprint to truly build the best relationships of your life.

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Hear What Others Have to Say

Leona D.

The single best decision I made as it opened my eyes to the possibility that I could dramatically improve the quality of my relationships and that my past did not have to define my future. I learned about my attachment style, core wounds and personality needs and how these have been affecting the quality of my life currently.

Jake J.

[This] has impacted my life immensely. From creating a healthy relationship to self, improving my family dynamics, impacting my awareness of my subconscious programming, to providing the skills/tools for improving my communication with others in all relationships. It has honestly changed my life for the better and I am on a path towards becoming a more secure person.

Heather J.

This has been such an incredible journey and I'm feeling so excited for this next chapter [ahead of me]. Thank you Thais Gibson!


The learning and support is deep, the profound knowledge and patience, the breakdown of the info…don’t hesitate.

Tappy P.

Such an amazing impact on my relationships, my self-esteem and has given me valuable self-awareness. The tools have provided me with the strength, and ability to heal, almost completely from my anxiety, and I feel so much more confident within myself.

Robin A.

Thais is passionate about her work and the embodiment of it, she over delivers in every way and the experience, her content and her community are priceless and life changing.

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You deserve to have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Whether you're looking to reconnect with family members, strengthen friendships or find a romantic connection that will bring you true happiness, the path to doing this is outlined in learning love.