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What’s Your Attachment Style


Romantic Quiz

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Do you struggle to build healthy and happy relationships that last? Take the quiz to discover your unique challenges and patterns in romantic relationships.


Family Quiz

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Do you struggle to break free from certain patterns and behaviors within your family? Take this quiz to understand why.


Friends Quiz

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How do you feel and show up in your friendships? Take this quiz to discover how you connect in your friendships.

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How To Use These Quizzes

Curious to discover whether you’ve become more secure in your romantic relationships since becoming a member of the Personal Development School or since the first time you took our Attachment Style Quiz for romantic relationships? Re-take the quiz again and use it as a tool periodically to monitor your progress. Plus, since your attachment style influences every relationship in your life, we have created two brand new quizzes that will allow you to discover what your attachment style is with your friends and family too!

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What Are The 4 Attachment Styles?

Each attachment style comes with different characteristics that positively or negatively impact your relationships. Here’s a quick recap of each of them:

Why Understanding Your Attachment Style Is So Important?

Your attachment style was formed during early childhood as a result of the interactions, experiences and perceptions that you encountered. In essence, your attachment style is like your mind’s rule book telling you how to form attachments with, and behave around, other people. Since your attachment style can change in different types of relationships, we’ve created three different quizzes for you to learn more about your style in every kind of relationship!

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It influences your ability to:

Build thriving relationships that last

Communicate your needs and boundaries

Be vulnerable and form deep connections

Authentically express your true self

... and so much more.

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