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Unlock the Secrets to Life-Transforming Relationships:

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Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar to You?

  • You have a deep feeling that there’s something wrong with you.

  • You experience the same destructive patterns with different people – attracting emotionally unavailable partners, dating narcissists, arguing a lot…

  • You feel stuck in unhealthy dynamics that seem impossible to change in your long-term relationship. 

  • You feel uncomfortable communicating your needs and desires to your partner, or don’t even know your needs.

  • You feel guilt, shame, and sadness about broken family relationships.

  • You stay in unhealthy relationships because of fear of being alone.

  • You push people away – yet yearn for closeness and love.

Imagine This:

  • You feel relieved realizing there’s nothing wrong with you and that you’re not alone in your challenges.

  • You finally break free from negative patterns and situationships, attracting your dream partner.

  • You experience a newfound passion, respect, and understanding in your long-term relationship, making you feel like you’re back in those first magical months together.

  • You are clear on your needs and desires and can fearlessly communicate them to your partner.

  • You feel better than ever in your family relationship as you set healthy boundaries, release guilt, and perhaps get closer to family members you’ve experienced friction with.

  • You enjoy being on your own and refuse to ever settle again as you know your ideal partner is out there.

  • You feel safe opening up, so you can experience meaningful, loving connections where you are seen and understood.

Micro-learning courses with workbooks designed to give you major breakthroughs.

Weekly live webinars with Thais Gibson to get personalized guidance on your roadblocks and challenges.

Events and socials to integrate you into a supportive community.

Priority access to future events, promotions, and offerings.


You’ll Unlock Instant Access to:

  • 65+ results-focused, science-backed courses on relationships, attachment styles, boundaries, conflict resolution, and more. Each course is designed to give you a significant breakthrough – sometimes just one tool from one course will drastically improve your love life! Our courses are 100% online and self-paced.

  • Weekly live routines. You can join live routines with our certified Integrated Attachment Theory coaches and your fellow students multiple times a week. Some examples of topics: self-love, emotional resilience, communication scripts to practice tough conversations, breathwork, and meditation.

  • A supportive community of like-minded people in over 110 countries! Connect with your fellow students on the platform or during live events with breakout rooms for intimate discussions. Share your challenges, celebrate your wins, and enjoy the relief of not being alone in what you’re going through.

  • Our webinar library with 500+ past webinars so you can revisit webinars you might have missed.

  • Weekly live Q&As with Thais Gibson. Every week, Thais hosts webinars on different topics – like relationships, boundaries, or confidence – followed by a Q&A where you can get your personal questions answered by her.

  • Ability to book a 1:1 session with one of our Integrated Attachment Theory coaches (add-on).

“Sounds great”, you may think, “but I’ve tried to heal before and it didn’t work”, or maybe you’ve already gotten to the point of telling yourself “maybe loving and lasting relationships aren’t possible for me.” If this is you, let us tell you something: relationships are much more science than we may think. Our courses continuously receive top ratings from our students. The reason some consider our courses even more helpful than therapy, and more powerful than other programs, is the unique blend of subconscious reprogramming and the groundbreaking Integrated Attachment Theory (IAT) framework. When we work on the conscious mind alone, we access only 3-5% of our total mental power. Leveraging the subconscious mind is the secret sauce that makes the whole difference. Your subconscious mind is where bad habits and limiting beliefs live – and can finally be changed! Our founder, Thais Gibson, has over a decade of experience studying the subconscious mind – and 13 certifications. She has worked with clients who had tried everything and finally saw results using the IAT framework. Thanks to its success, she started The Personal Development School to further spread her transformative teachings and help change lives all over the world. Our courses efficiently target the root cause of relationship issues like going hot and cold, being clingy, always falling for the “wrong” people, and arguing over the same things. When you join with the All-Access Pass, you get instant access to all our courses based on this framework – with easy step-by-step guidance to heal any relationship issue. Try for yourself – if you don’t see a major breakthrough within 7 days, you’ll get your money back.

What Our Students Are Saying

Melissa K.

“I’ve researched relationships most of my life. However, I couldn’t find anything that explained my dynamic in them. I thought about therapy until I stumbled upon Thais’s YouTube channel. She explained EXACTLY what I was experiencing. She literally read my mind! I’m usually a bit of a skeptic but I was hooked! I finally figured out my problem and how to solve it!”

Tappy P.

“PDS has had such an amazing impact on my relationships, my self-esteem and has given me valuable self-awareness. The community has so many brilliant, and like-minded individuals who I always look forward to talking to! The tools within PDS have provided me with the strength, and ability to heal, almost completely from my anxiety, and I feel so much more confident within myself.”

Athira D.

“PDS replaced therapy for me. I was a Fearful Avoidant, and I could not explain why I struggled in relationships. The constant need for connection and the fear of having one was very draining. I am so grateful to PDS that finally I realize that my worth is not related to anything I achieve but to the person that I am. Also learning about other attachment styles helped me to become more compassionate to people around me.”

Leona D.

"Joining PDS was the single best decision I made last year as it opened my eyes to the possibility that I could dramatically improve the quality of my relationships and that my past did not have to define my future. The PDS community is a truly supportive environment, my only regret is that I did not find all this out sooner as it has been truly life changing for me!"

Tamara G.

“PDS is an incredible resource. The work is powerful. It’s helped me to heal some hard wounds and change my life to one that is more balanced, more joyful and based in a deep sense of self-love and understanding. You choose how to heal and you get to do it in an environment steeped in compassion, connection, integrity and personal accountability.”

This Membership Can Be the 1 Thing That Changes Everything!

You’re amazing! Since you’ve made it all the way here, we know one thing about you; you are dedicated to changing.  You are a tenacious and brave person.  And you will 100% make it.

Let’s get this journey started – we believe in you!

When You Level up Your Life Through the Personal Development School, You’ll Experience Phenomenal Things:

You see your romantic relationships improve or experience more joy, trust, and fulfillment if you’re single – and get ready to attract your ideal partner.

You become part of a supportive, non-judgmental community of people who get you and your dedication to growth.

You build more self-compassion and self-love and, as a result, get the courage to go for your dreams.




SAVE $1,000

All 65+ Courses
Interactive Workbooks
Certificate of Completion
Weekly Webinars
Community Social Events
Private Discussion Forums





SAVE $180

All 65+ Courses
Interactive Workbooks
Certificate of Completion
Weekly Webinars
Community Social Events
Private Discussion Forums





SAVE $90

All 65+ Courses
Interactive Workbooks
Certificate of Completion
Weekly Webinars
Community Social Events
Private Discussion Forums

Our Most Popular Courses

Courses range from: Repairing Any Relationship, Communicating in Relationships, Overcoming Anxiety for Peace of Mind, Beating Procrastination and Setting Goals, Skyrocketing Your Self-Esteem and more!


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Conquer Any Area of Your Life Any Time

We have courses on nearly every mental, emotional, and relationship obstacle you might experience, such as:

Healing your attachment style, repairing relationships, communicating with loved ones.
Overcoming anxiety, depression, loneliness and trauma thoughts.
Setting life and career goals that are aligned with your unique personality needs.
Overcoming burnout, procrastination, resentment, people-pleasing and self-esteem issues.
Mastering your emotions and rewiring outdated thinking patterns.